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10 Skin Care Myths That We All Believed In, Busted!

We all have grown up listening to stories from our grandmas about how she took care of her skin using natural ingredients and old age remedies. Although most of it can be true, but not necessarily all of it is. Read More >>

Complete skincare guide for flawless skin during monsoon

Monsoon is much awaited by all of us after th scorching heat of summers. The cool breeze, chai and pakoras is what makes us crave for monsoons more than anything else. Even though everything is green and beautiful, we cannot forget that it also brings a whole new set of difficulties for our skin and hair. Read More >>

This Festive Season Get A Glowing Skin Naturally!

Festivals are around the corner and you have to make sure to keep your social media updated with all those glammed up pictures! Wouldn’t it be amazing if your skin had a glow as radiant as the festival lights? Just a little tweak in your daily routine can add a tremendous amount of change and make a difference in how your skin looks.Read More >>

How To Care For Your Skin Post Festive Season?

Festivals come and festivals go, even though you have enjoyed yourself thoroughly, your skin has gone through a lot. Time to replenish all the lost lustre by pampering and giving some extra love post festival season!Read More >>

The Ultimate Guide To Bridal Beauty Treatments.

From dress fittings and shoe hunting to locking in a venue and finalizing floral arrangements – there’s so much wedding planning that you compromise on your beauty plans. Yes, we understand that it’s not easy to juggle all of it but if you stick to a beauty regimen, your face will radiate your inner joy! … Read More >>

Laser Skin Treatments: Safety, Efficacy, & Indications

Laser treatments for everything from facial and body hair reduction to acne scar removal, uneven skin tone correction, rosacea, hair re-growth, and anti-aging have become increasingly popular because they are convenient and extremely effective. Although laser technology has progressed rapidly in recent years, with significant improvements in safety, all laser skin treatments pose some risk … Read More >>

Skin and Hair Products

Cleansing, conditioning and beautifying the skin and hair are important aspects of maintaining the outward health and appearance of the body. An understanding of the mechanism of action and chemistry of products designed to improve the ability of the skin and hair to function is medically important. Cleansing of the skin is a complex interaction … Read More >>

Mapping your way to perfect skin!
To many adult’s distress, unsightly acne might stick around well beyond one’s teens. In fact, you might try a plethora of products and an excess of ointments before realizing that this particular sort of acne is here for the long haul. So what can be done in situations like this? Two words: Face mapping. Face … Read More >>

Hair fall: How to transform your scalp from a desert to a forest
Hair fall is the bane of most women and is difficult to pinpoint the triggers of this condition. The cause may be as glaring as hormonal complications due to Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or as implicit as stress. Nonetheless, here are a few ways to differentiate abnormal from normal hair fall, distinguish myth from fact … Read More >>